The Pre-Law Advising Program

Welcome to the Pre-Law Advising Program at the College of Charleston! We are here to assist you in any and all aspects of the law school application process, including whether law school might be right for you, what graduates of law school do with their degrees, how to get into the law school of your dreams, and much more!

The Pre-Law Advising Program has several different elements. First, there is the program DIRECTOR, currently Dr. Claire Wofford in the Political Science Department. Along with her Ph.D, Dr. Wofford holds a J.D. from Duke University School of Law, teaches multiple law-related courses, and is well-equipped to give you advice and guidance as you consider law school.

Dr. Wofford can also help you decide what college courses might help you best prepare for law school and the admissions process. There is no pre-law major per se, but there are several courses across multiple departments that will give you the academic skills needed to gain admission to law school and to be successful once you get there. The Department of Political Science and Philosophy offer a Politics, Philosophy, and Law Concentration that many students find helpful (HERE). There is also a Crime, Law, and Society minor that interests many pre-law students (HERE). That said, law schools are open to wide variety of majors. The most important thing you can do is take rigorous courses in which you perform well.

The advising program also hosts numerous EVENTS throughout the year designed to help students in their application process and expose them to speakers and law-related content they might not otherwise see. Recently, the program has hosted a nationally-known expert on children and immigration, a panel of admissions officers from 6 regional and national law schools, and presentations on how to apply and pay for law school with a representative from the umbrella organzation for law school admissions, the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC). Be sure to request to join the PRELAW LISTSERVE (email Dr. Wofford) to be notified of upcoming events.

We also offer students an LSAT PREP COURSE. Offered in late spring and early fall, and at a cost of approximately 1/2 of the major commercial prep company courses, this course is designed to get you as prepared as possible for the LSAT. The program also provides the book for the class at no cost to you. Please contact Elizabeth Meny at for more information.

Finally, we work closely with the PRE-LAW SOCIETY. This is a student-run club that offers great information, events, and the chance to network with other students interested in the law and/or law school. Check them out (HERE).

As you can see, the Pre-Law Advising Program has a wealth of resources to help you. Check out all the links to the left or reach out to Dr. Wofford anytime at We look forward to getting to know you and helping you navigate your chosen path!

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